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Gazing at Large Female Breasts Add Year's to a Man's Life

It has long been rumoured that staring at a women's boobs creates some form of beneficial effects for men. It seems now that there are finally some truths to it.

A new research published in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that gazing at larger breasts makes men healthier. A team of researchers led by gerontologist Dr Karen Weatherby, monitored 200 male volunteers for 5 years. 100 of them were encourage to ogle at busty women daily whereas the other 100 were told to avoid such ogling altogether.

Their study concludes that sexual excitement as a result of admiring the sight of large breasts stimulates the heart to pump faster and improves blood circulation. Several minutes a day is suffiicient to lower the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke by half.

According to the research, men over 40 will benefit by investing at least 10 minutes of their daily schedule to admiring well endowed females with breast sized "D-cup" or bigger. In fact, the acts of ogling at such breasts are equivalent to a 30 minute gym workout and could prolong a man' life by up to 5 years.

Do smaller breasts give the same results?

Some women may wonder, does it only have effects on men when it is a large D-cup? What about a B-cup or an A-cup? Well it seems that evidence are pointing to the direction that bigger breasts produce noticeable results as compare to smaller breasts.

Our offline survey on 50 males have the same supporting results. Guys do enjoy better visual experience when the breasts are larger and firm. However, 73% of males said that as much as they prefer to look at larger breasts, it has to be in proportion to the overall body frame and the owner of the breasts has to be pleasnt looking to have the same beneficial effects.

The fact remains that for us females, whether we are an A-cup or a D-cup, we'll never be satisfied with what we have. And man will be man. No matter what they tell us, larger breasts will always be better to them. Are you doing something to enhance your breasts?


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