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Guide To Buying Silver Necklace For Women

Buying jewelery, any jewelery for that matter is a matter of expertise. Whether you’re buying gold, precious stones or silver, you must know what the standards are and aim to buy jewelry of the best quality, even if it is a little pricier than the cheap stuff. Only quality jewelry lasts and gives you a lifetime of pleasure.

When buying silver necklace, you will no doubt come across terms like 925 silver or sterling silver and so on. But, these terms are just words and mean nothing – until you verify the truth behind them. Many sellers do try to pass off cheap silver jewelery as 925 silver jewelery.

So, what is sterling silver? Simply put, sterling silver contains the maximum amount of silver that can go into making a piece of jewelery, that is, 92.5%. The rest (7.5%) is copper. This ratio is important because copper provides the strength needed to maintain the shape. Pure silver (100% silver) is too soft and needs to be reinforced with copper. Authentic 925 silver will have the mark ‘925’ or ‘SS’ embedded on it. If the stamp is not there, you can be sure that what you’re holding is an imitation or a silver plated piece of jewelery.

Once you are sure about the quality of silver used, buying a silver necklace becomes much easier – and a lot of fun.

High quality silver necklaces have a smooth finish and will not have blemished of any kind.

Pay attention to the length of the necklace. If the necklace is too long or too short, the effect will be lost.

Check whether the clasp of the silver necklace is the right kind and whether you are comfortable with that kind of clasp.

The design is a vital part of the purchase process. These days, different varieties of necklaces and pendants are available. If you like a simple design, select a small pendant on a thread of silver. Such a necklace is suited for everyday use. If you are looking for something that is more conspicuous, choose a larger pendant. Pendants come in various sizes, shapes and combinations. These may be embellished with pearls or stones.

The kind of silver necklace you buy depends on what you’ll be using it for. Some women like to use their necklace everyday, while others want to keep it for special occasions. Or, they may even want to wear silver with certain outfits. The end use must be kept in mind when buying the silver necklace.

Finally, pay attention to the varieties and styles available. Choose something that stands out from the rest.


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