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Identifying Your Menopause Symptoms

There are lots of different menopause symptoms and figuring all of them out is just about impossible. There are some symptoms, on the other hand, that are quite common. Learning how to spot the major symptoms of menopause is something that everybody should learn how to do. If you are a woman, understanding the symptoms of this change will help you deal with it when it happens to you. If you are male then learning about the symptoms will help you be a lot more sympathetic when the women in your life start displaying the symptoms and going through the changes. Here are some of the most common symptoms of menopause.

For many husbands, one of the most traumatic menopause symptoms is the loss of libido or dryness of her "lady bits". Now men: just because your wife or girlfriend is suddenly "not in the mood" does not mean that she is automatically menopausal. Could it be menopause if your partner constantly tells you they are not in the mood? Just be as supportive as possible. Menopause is just as miserable for her as you think it is for you.

Losing the ability to sleep through the night is one of the troubling symptoms that menopausal women experience. If you're of a certain age and have suddenly lost the ability to fall asleep or stay asleep it is possible that you are going through menopause. Sometimes the women who have trouble sleeping also have hot flashes and night sweats. Other times it isn't. Often times this symptom gets chalked up to nothing more than a little trouble sleeping. If you are experiencing it, you should see your doctor just to double check your condition.

The most obvious menopausal symptom is the loss of the monthly period. If your period suddenly stops or changes in any way you might be going through menopause. Remember, it is not always the absence of a monthly period that signals menopause. Believe it or not, some women report getting heavier periods right before they entered menopause. Any change in your monthly period should be told to your doctor, especially if you are getting to that certain age.

For some, menopause and puberty are similar experiences. In both cases the woman's body is going through a change that the woman has no control over. Most women, however, say that menopause is worse that puberty because the symptoms are so far flung and so severe.

Learning how to identify a variety of menopause symptoms will help you figure out what is going on with your body as you go through your major "change of life." If you aren't a woman you should still learn about menopause symptoms so that you can better support the women in your life who have to deal with the symptoms first hand.

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